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Daily Deposit

Deposit by way of daily amount is made in the account during the one year.

Nomination facility available.
Premature payment available (certain terms & Condition apply)
Loan facility against the Deposit available.
KYC not required, if already having Saving Account with the Bank.
2.5% interest on deposit

Rules & Regulations for Daily Deposit Bank Account :

    • Every Depositor must have to fulfill KYC norms as per RBI directives
    • Guardian can open Minor’s Daily Deposit A/c. When minor turns major, thereafter providing valid age proof, They can withdraw the amount with their own signature.
    • The premature amount is payable after 3 month of opening account date then bank take 3% of penalty + stationery charges of their deposit.
    • If customer’s deposit more then 100000 lakh then customer provided PAN Card.
    • Loan facility is available against Daily deposit up to  70%.
    • Interest on Daily deposit is calculated on Monthly basis.
    • The customer must have to preserve safely their passbook in custody. The Bank is not responsible for any misuse of their pass book
    • If maturity and prematurity amount is more than 20000/- bank has not payment in cash mode.